How do I download my digital photos?

How do I order Digital Packages?

If you do not see a link for ordering digital, contact us.

How do I add the Big Sky logo to my photos?

The Big Sky logo is available as a free download. For best results, download the PSD or PNG file. These files have a transparent background, JPG files will have a white box background. 

You will need an app or some sort of software to layer the logo onto the photo. Your phone may already have such an app or ability when you edit your photo on your phone. Be aware that many apps may produce small file sizes that won't be suitable for prints. Be sure to crop the photo to the size you plan to print before saving.

If you are need assistance, let us know and we are happy to add the logo to one or two photos. We need to know the size you intend to print the photo, the logo must be sized and positioned for the specific size you print or it may be too small or too large. If you only want to use it on social media, let us know the ratio you prefer 1:1, 4:3, etc.

We are not able to automatically add the logo to all your photos. If you have any questions, Contact Us.

Big Sky Logo Download